1. ire, dudgeon, high dudgeon, Scot. birse, Inf.Irish, Inf. dander; wrath, passion, hot blood, hot temper, vials of wrath; rage, fury.
2. offense, indignation, umbrage; pique, huff, tiff, fume, Inf. slow burn.
3. embitterment, bitterness, resentment, bitter resentment, exacerbation, hard feelings; choler, spleen, gall, bile, ill or bad humor, ill or bad temper, ill or bad feeling; enmity, animosity, ill will, bad blood; virulence, acrimony, acerbity.
4. exasperation, irritation, annoyance, vexation, Inf. aggravation; displeasure, dissatisfaction, discontent, discontentment, disapproval, disapprobation.
5. incense, raise [s.o.'s] ire or hackles, run afoul of [s.o.], get [s.o.'s] back up, Inf. get [s.o.'s] Irish or dander up, Inf. burn [s.o.] up, Sl. tee [s.o.] off, Sl. tick [s.o.] off; enrage, madden, infuriate, make [s.o.'s] blood boil, Inf. make [s.o.] see red; provoke, arouse, rouse, inflame, enflame, agitate, fire up, work up, stir up; displease.
6. vex, pique, irritate, annoy, irk, peeve, nettle, chafe, Chiefly U.S. rile, Inf. aggravate, Inf. miff, Inf. give [s.o.] a pain, Inf. get under [s.o.'s] skin, Inf. get in [s.o.'s] hair, Sl. bug; exasperate, ruffle, roil, put out, get, Sl. get [s.o.'s] goat.
7. embitter, exacerbate, gall, rankle, envenom; affront, offend, insult; humiliate, mortify.
8.All Inf. burn up, do a slow burn, steam, steam up, freak, freak out.

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